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By Henri Hyppönen

The end of history

One company that I really look up to is BrewDog, the (some would say) outrageous Scottich brewery that has gone from starting in the founder’s garage to now being in over 30 markets globally and with a 100 million pounds valuation. All achieved in less than a decade. They have proven that the power of…
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How to banish fear from company culture (Part I)

“How are you feeling?” Lisa asks Alex.   “Terrified” Alex replies. “I feel like you’ve been out gathering information about questions you can ask me. To make me feel uncomfortable.” This dialogue between Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg on StartUp, a podcast about building up a start up, was most likely hard for both of…
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You have 2 minutes 28 seconds

Lunch Concerto (Excerpt from Why We Fear, the book about disarming fear) 1. “Like an electric shock.” This is how conductor Riccardo Chailly afterward described concert pianist Maria João Pires’ reaction upon hearing the first notes of Mozart’s piano concerto No. 20. Chailly had just swished his baton up and down, and the orchestra had…
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No Excuses

I always get pumped up when someone states that something can’t be done. Quite often it simply is not true. People just stopped trying altogether or they were not creative enough in their approach. There is a story in particular that emphasises this idea in more concrete terms. It is Kyle Maynards life story. Kyle…
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