Category: Keynotes

By Henri Hyppönen

Not Boring

How do you create a culture of creative problem solving, where people naturally challenge the status quo? Henri uses stories and insights from global creative leaders and successful creative companies to help you understand the building blocks needed to create a company where people aren’t afraid to take risks, your best talent stays around and…
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We Should All Love Problems

Not all problems are created equal. What sets the best companies apart from the rest is their ability to find the most valuable problem. This commitment to value is what gives them the competitive edge. These problems are not always easy to find; they can hide deep within your business, or your customer’s life, the…
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Fear Can Make Us Really Stupid

To reach our highest potential, we must first understand one of our strongest emotions: fear. Using his extensive experience as a founder and leader of companies in the creative field and insights into the biology and psychology of fear, Henri shows the value of psychological security in the workplace, and how to create it so…
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The Great Transition to AI

Soon we will think of AI much like we do electricity: we will only notice it when it is not there. We are in the midst of this transition and it is time to decide how we would like to participate. This is, after all, a future we are able to shape. Henri kick starts…
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